Ja rule – Leo

This is Leo! And I`m the cousin of the bitchThat don`t know what the fuck she talkin` about!I am the real psychic man! Next callerHello Miss Leo my boyfriend is in jail andI wanna know when he is a comin` outOk, I know, he will be he, your boyfriendHold on the cards never lieTarot readin` and I am psychic and I am Leo andI know when your boyfriend will be homeHold on I will tell you the charge is 50 dollar aMinute are you cool with that?You cool wit okay then hold on your gonna hold on for15 minute hold on hold on okay hold 15 minute hold onNext callerYes mum, I wanna know if uhMy mummy is have affair with my boyfriendOh! Now see girl, this is a very difficult one for me to readBecause, I see, I see darkness in your futureI see, now, now is your mother a whore?YeasNow see dis dis is what they talkDis is what the cards say dis is what me taughtDis is what me taughtNow uh, does your momma, uhh,Hold on let meet this one together, hold onIt`s a 50 dollar charge fee, a minute. are you cool with dat?Okay you cool wit dat? OkayDen you hold on too 10 minute hold on for you hold downCaller, who on the Line? AjuyaAjuya, what the hell you want?I was just at the clinic and I`m curious to knowHold on! You want to know who the baby`s daddy is, am I right?Oh my God!See! that what we know, the cards never lie, it`s all inThe tarot readin`!Now, now, I see, I see in the cards, I see a, a tall one, a tallOne, he has, he has short feet yesOkay, and now I see a fat one now the fat one he`s poorHe`s rather poor, he`s broke? Is the fat one broke?Michael! yesHis name uh, now see girl, my cards say that his name isFred, his nameNot Michael it`s FredHow do you know that?See he been lying to yo girl yes the fat one been lying to youSo you know what this leads me to believe?It was the other one you were fucking with, theThe other one it was neither one of themIt was the other one girl now, if you`dLike to know anything else, your gonna have to hold on

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