Ja rule – Loose change

[Talking]These faggot ass niggas,Ay yo Buck, word to mother,Yo they had young Malcom silenced too long baby,They can`t fuckin hold me down nigga,What the fuck these niggas thought,It`s the I-N-C nigga, it`s murder,M-I-B nigga, Murder Inc. Bosses, motherfuckers,Ja Rule, hahaAy yo Buck, turn this shit up in my motherfuckin headphones,Turn me up niggas, fuck these faggots, hahaIt`s real nigga, yeah, it`s real nigga (ay yo, word ta motha)(FUCK YOU LOOSE CHANGE, YOU FAGGOT!) yeah (FEMINEM I`MA SLAP THE SHIT OUTTA YOU BITCH!)MURDA INC NIGGAS!!![Rapping]How many niggas hold they heat like Rule?Sidearm, barrel ta mouth ta blow ya head out through tha south,An` let `Lil J get ta airin` ya out.An` if there`s any change left I toss ya on down ta tha west,An` let (westside!!) tha road ride down on yaCalifornia, love is what ya crave so on ya graveit`s gon` read0 @Here lie Fifty, who snitched on many. That half a dolla, that nickel, them dimes, an` died like penny.@An` Murda Inc. will send they deepest condolences and sympathiesta Aftermath, ta Shady, Interscope and Jimmy Iovine,Ya know ya team they really some pee-ons, gettin` peed on,an` leaked on.I`m talkin` `bout faggot ass gay Dre young,an` Suge told me all about how ya used ta take transvestites home,an` occasionally wear thongs.No wonda Feminem be cross dressin` in pumps an` tight `lil dresses,my pumps, they leave big messes…An` I know tha `Truth Hurts` when I bus` records,Battle of da sexes, is dat a woman or a man?

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