Ja rule – Murda murda

*over the "holla holla" instrumental*Dmx-Murda murda, I`m the nigga y`all heard ofKeep the game tight, wit clumanati and ? ? ? dura? ? ? Shit be hot, time to reach the topThe i-n-c got new york on lockLet`s hit the hot spot with foxy brownLet`s go with craig g, back to uptownNigga fucks wit us, nigga gets beatdownRemember the theory, dogs can`t drownMy shit be bootlegged, more than any other rapperI say fuck it, like epmd with ? ? ? So when the lights go out, you fuck or dieAnd when the cops question you, you lie or die(chorus) x2Ja rule-Murda murda, everytime clue be likeWord up, word up — can`t stop the murda likeHeadrush headrush, get your shit rightAnd bounce wit the murda murdaSay what? Jay-z-Step it upJay-z and inc, bout to lay it upCajz(casual) or what ]]]hell yeah, niggaMy mother fuckin name ]]]jigga jiggaWith the motherfuckin ]]]murda murdaSo get it right, don`t get it fucked upOr I just might have to blow your motherfuckin head upCause I go from lyrically strong to lyrically fit

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