Ja rule – So hot

(Intro)3000 what`s happenin my nigga ha-haOk Inc Empire ha some niggaz know about that shit huhI`m startin to see the paint crackI`m startin to see the paint crackYou niggaz is fuckin cowardsThe murderers IncWe fuck with these hoe`s man you know ha-ha (Verse 1)Bitch I shine like diamonds from Seri LeoneExcuse me not diamonds but ̢ہ@diamonds ̢ہ@And kanye had to think of a way wearing diamonds at allTill I throw again that a hoe`s best friendAnd when I get the sippin on hypnotic in here(?) I can get the touchin on your closes friendsPlus we do that other touchin leave no witnesses Touchy touchyI guess that`s how us gangsters isAnd I`m bout to tell your bitch how a hoe should liveGet a nigga hold him down even thru his bid Coz I put this on my momma and my 3 born kids I`m a get this chicken and flip it as long as I live And if there`s beef on the menu I`ll cook it at 50 degrees (?)You hot I`ll put you on freeze You know who I`m talkin to coz the 5-0You know where they go when them niggaz need infoOver and out 10-4 I`ll buck at you later The streets know but I don`t want them to call me a haterCoz I`ve got blocks just like you but I don`t get shot like you doYou bitch nigga Back to the pen of a nigga can`t get it get I get so much pussyI should run the city so come on and buck with meGet drunk get highIt loc introducing the Inc empire lets go(Chorus)These niggaz don`t really want it ohIn the club bitches all up on us like(You so hot 4x)But these bitches don`t really want me noThey just want to be around a nigga coz

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