Ja rule – Survival of the illest intro

Yeah! Uh, it`s on now, hahaYeah, haha, Ja RuleNiggas let me in baby, it`s on nowMy niggasDef Jam niggas, Russel Simmons niggasLeo Cole, haha yeahReal shit, all my thug niggasBig Pre, Big Chaz, motherfuckin black handsCheck it[Verse 1]For the first time in my life, I feel the love from myBitches and thugs, spit game and throw slugsIt`s the Ruler, live by, take it in blood`cause it`s the J to the A to the death nigga whatDon`t get it fucked up, I`m as hot as it getsI make hits while y`all niggas best shit be the skitsCan`t be serious, tryin to see Ja with blindfoldsI take em off, I`m lookin at you with your eyes closedYou can`t see to know, my niggas get doughLive fast, set you up and rob you slowCan I, be forgave for cursin your name?Will I, be the last nigga to shed my pain?If not, I`m a spit flames till I`m dead and the angels sing`cause when you hot that`s what this game`ll bringAnd I`m sick with this, my flow is fuckin ridiculousWhen Ja`s on the premesis niggas is gon get itFor the fearless, you a little hard headed, you needs to feel itClap on em, let these niggas know you dead seriousNiggas comin at who? Ja Rule?Nigga what the fuck, you brand new? You ain`t know? Hoes get dicked, properly dealt withMeanin you die slow, like I`m givin out hives in stereoClue, world class dinero, dress it upPut it on the streets like rock that`s chopped upWhat the fuck?Yeah, all my niggas locked downChris Black, Black Child, Big SnailsRobo Jus, Big RailYeah, all my niggas[Verse 2]This young blood here came up hustlinLivin corrupted, lickin shots and fuckinYou live to love it, once you`re Armor All-inYour low pros on your west C 400Residential rolly flooded, with caratsTime to get this pimp shit establishedYou hoes don`t know? I`m extravagant livin lavish

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