Ja rule – The pledge (remix)

There`s no meIn the beginnin`, it was me, Nas(Blastin`, I`m blastin`)I stood alone but now(Ashanti)Don`t you know that I will never leave?Murder I.N.C. y`allIt`s Murhhh! Nigga, ha ha!It`s over now, y`all know that right?(Irv Gotti!)I`ll Will babyIt`s Murdah, for lifeMy enemies want sorta the same respect, I was born withGodson, tatted on my chest it`s permanentThe rap Albert Anastasia, you cowardsY`all want the crown from the black power man of AsiaSnap out your dreams and prayers of takin` a king`s paperAsk another rapper how it feels to lose his whole gangsta(How it feel?)You`se a no namesta, ya little mans is no threatYou make me upset I might stank ya(Blastin`)Inc. is the Murdah, I`ll Will merger let my cashMake sex with yo` cash, it can`t hurt usPhones ringing off the hook, Bush and Bloomberg callin` me constantStreets wanna know the cause of that gossipNas is Lord of the projects `til the coffins dropIn the ocean like a Amistad slave overboat whenIt`s a new day ya should be scared, I`m back with StouteSouth side, Queens bridge, the hood`s in hereThere`s no me without you(Uh, talk to me, there`s no me y`all)I can`t be without you(I.N.C. I`ll will now)Don`t you know that I will never leave(Talk to me now)Leave you(It`s no me, y`all)All I need need is you(I.N.C.)There`s no meYeah, you talk to these niggaz GottiB-b-blastin`! I`m blastin`Whattup Suge?It`s Murdah!And Lord knows I`ll, dieee, I pledge allegiance to homicideAnd murdah be the case when I kill `em

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