Ja rule – The wrap (freestyle)

Buck 89 on the boards, what up BuckWord to God, Hussein, what up niggaHaha, life is good, a yoIt`s a reality that all the real niggazHave to smash on the bitch niggasAnd you know I like to call this The Wrap, heheIt`s a Wrap and any men that don`t wanna get clappedBetter not violate the camp, get shot down by chanceI`m real advanced with that cock and blast`Cause the feds won`t look back, for cleaning cashWhat cashes we cleansing, it`s all about the Benjamins, whatIf it`s dirty then we rincing it offYou niggaz don`t give a fuck, mobbed up in H2sNiggaz is talking shit, aw bitch, that`s old newsThey say I rap to rhythm and bluesBut when I turn on the radio, I hear y`all niggaz rappin` it tooHe`s like @Baby, can you give it to me@Nah, I`ma give it to youThe same way that we gave it to ProofThe same way that we gave it to LoosePut that bang, bang, bang to use nigga`Cause Rule`s the truth nigga, for showUh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-uh-uh-ohHit `em in retro, throwback like West `PaulNiggaz wanna ball but can`t on the West CoastDre Day`s been dead a long time agoRespect the Inc Row, Rap-A-Lot collaboJust know that you nigga ain`t save on the globeAnd while the world probes, I arrest verse I.N.C.I`m still wishing y`all the R.I.P.Can I Live, for I D.I.E.I`m talkin`, M.O.B, murder inc bossesCount your lossesNow before they start runnin` they lipsI thought I should warn these motherfuckers, there`s a gun in this bitchAnd I know he`s got one on his hipBut I got the drop and outside, Rule got the DropsAll it takes is a cock and a popMoney for bail, ain`t seeing no more salesInstead, I`m poppin` on YahtsThey told me J.Prince runnin` the southAnd I`m beast from the east, that`ll come and put a gun in your mouthI got bricks for days, dicks to make a bitch behaveHad to baldhead my shit threw, had to switch the wavesJust that quick, slip and the mac spit, bladdatFour up in they chest and reload while they back flipWe in this together, bad weather, rippin` the stormThey some dictionary rappers, they just spittin` the normYou supposed to know the La Costra Nostra flowI did it, `cause I lived it, you can quote the flowHit your six up with sixteen in sixty secondsGet your whips up, we split beams, keep fifty weaponsTo you coppers that`s posin` a threatFire up the air, wholes in the tec to put a hole in your neckSee I rep for the four forty but I`m about the fiveRide by, blazin` out the five, nigga I`m so coolBitches say, Hizzy, you remind me of the old schoolIn the club posted, snatching hoes with no jewels, niggaYou know as the world turnsThese bitch niggaz is runnin` and hiding and shit(You know these motherfuckers be ducking` hidin`)But I`m fucking chasin y`all faggotsAll across the globe(Smashing they ass)Out the back of bet, out the back of clubsNigga, you ain`t poppin` no bub in no motherfuckin` clubsNowhere nigga, be honest with yourself, you fucking clownsYou niggaz is fucking clowns, y`all ain`t gonna nowhereI`m right here, I`m right here, huntin` you`ll motherfuckin`Bitch ass niggaz downIt`s a wrap niggaz, it`s a wrap niggazIt`s a wrap niggaz, it`s a wrap niggazA yo, this nigga, this nigga runnin` around talkin` about@I got shot nine times, I got shot@Want everybody to be motherfuckin` sympatheticA yo fifty, pull your skirt down BA yo, Niggaz get shot everyday B, you tough?Yeah, Murder Inc shit, bitch ass niggaWe out

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