Ja rule – Watching me

Yeah, RuleAre you a figment of my imaginationOr am I one of yours?Believe me, baby, hear me, fear me, feel meThat`s why they all wanna kill me deadTrue in the head but nigga not as soon as I get the dropI pull up the pop of the test, it`s outta the prairieBitches style juice runnin` through my headHow many wanna die, nigga?My concept, it`s irrational, my thinkin` nowI`m erratic like Mike W`s whose fallin` downI`m losin` sight now, I can hardly seeAnd smokin` all this fuckin` weed, I can barely breatheI might tell a bitch bleed, squeeze on DRun up in the deli, wrung up on DAre ya watchin` me?They be watchin`Niggas they be watchin`, keep watchin`Keep watchin` me, now don`t look downAre ya watchin` me?They be watchin`Bitches they be watchin`, keep watchin`Keep watchin` me, now don`t look downWho`s watchin` me?C`mon watch as I creep through your blockIn the hard top drop with my bead on knock`Cause cops I ain`t standin` and gangstas knowCatchin` before hangin` and my dogs keep bangin“Cause ain`t shit changing and hustlers ya`ll keep slangin`We stuck in the game wit not a lot to gainBut everythin` to lose but we soldiers that front-lineIn days to ruleWe do homicide drive by`s, cock and sprayIf you the last man standin` you about to lay6 feet underground, watch me now, stop me howY`all niggaz trying to cop my styleI spit nothin` but hot ones and pop gunsMake it hard for niggaz to functionWho want some of the Rule baby?(None of y`all)I`m legally considered crazyBut if that`s the way that God made meThis world can`t change me and that`s the way it`ll beCaught in the dark `till the light shines on meI`m a slave to this game but I`m breakin` freeSo keep watchin` me

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