Lil’ Wayne – Hello

[Intro]Chicken bone NowisonNow it’s onDeath wish, bitch[Verse 1]California house in the hillsBig windows no blindsCan’t sleep past 9We pass weed like time over hereMoney over fearHer lipstick smearedHer pussy lip piercedDaddy gotta goAfter daddy get hisSee ya later alligatorCrying crocodile tearsDon’t worry I’ll be backIf her pussy like crackShe got a nice rackAnd that apple bottom, bite that Apple like MacThat’s that computer loveI kill that pussyBut I don’t go to the funeralCause I’mma wear this ass out like a uniformSo ride this dick like a horse, pony, unicornBoning her back when I’m in the ahhPhone in her back pocket made her booty call[Hook]I said hello, helloShe said oh shitI ain’t mean to call youAnyway, what you doingI said nothingShe said I know what you should be doingAnd could be doingOpen up your legsWalk me through itAin’t too proud to beg, psh nigga pleaseI fell on my headAnd she fell on her kneesWhat you know about thatI be on my headAnd she be on her kneesWhat you know about thatSkate, smoke, fuck, yeah[Repeat verse 1][Hook]

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