Lil’ Wayne – IANAHB

I’m in the crib butt naked bitch.She said my dick could be the next black presidentAmericans hate the I’m American.Medicine, I treat it like peppermints.Uh, I’m in the ocean getting shark pussy.Shoot you in ya fuckin’ mouth and make you talk to me.Sometimes I need someone to talk to.Cuz I am Not A Human Being… Part Two.Getting paid, show money for walk throughs.Lettin’ all these hoes ride my dick, car pools.My bars passed the bar exam, no law school.Cash Money Army, Veteran with my war wounds.Uh, whatcha man doing?I pop his muthafuckin’ top like a can good.And all my niggas that I roll with are hella armed.And last night I took a transformer.And had a dream that my dick turned to Megatron.But my girl, was sleeping with Decepticons.Money talks man and mine talks lecture long.P-U-S-S-Y… my second home.I be grindin’ on them hoes like a half pipe.She say “Tunechi you the shit you need your ass wiped”I say “Before you gas me up, check the gas price.”Then I make her take this dick like advice.She see-saw it, she suck it and enjoy it.I stick it in her ass like some fucking steroids.Jose Canseco, make no mistakeLike a white boy wearing black paintYou’re a fake ass nigga.Break pads nigga… wait.You ain’t in my weight class nigga.Lookin’ for the muthafuckin’ man in the mirror.Runnin’ this shit like a faucet… Farrah.Barra… cuda.Who the fuck you are?I can make ya bitch root for me like I grew her.Bodies in the sewer, tampons in manure.90 Billions bitches on my dick like a skewer.That’s Swag, I’m a True Blood, bitch no fangs.Been went Pro, now I’m going PropaneBitch get off me, bitch get off me.I got her over here blowing me like coffee.Decafenated.Hand me that paper like I graduated.And I get head while it’s decapitated.Think it’s a game nigga come play.I’m with my killer bees… fuck bug spray.Yeah, Young Money so gangsta.I personally know strangers.It’s so strange but this girl named Dana.Like to go anal.Shoot ’em in his head, what’s that? A no brainer.Plain ol’ nigga, but a break from the norm.I wear my heart on my sleeve so don’t be breakin’ my arm.I rather ring ya fuckin’ neck before I ring the alarm.I dream to meet a serial killer that’ll bring me alone.Wit ‘Em.I gotta hit ’em like redbones with long hair.Fuck with me, ya ass is grass… get a lawn chair.I was fucking before my dick started growin’ hair.Bitches sweatin’ me like John Mayer, or warm air.Mannn, nuts and bananas.You know how the tables turn, where are your table manners?If you fake, put a egg in ya shoe and scramble.No rubber… I just fucked this piano.Nigga.

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