Massari – Inta hayati

“Inta Hayati”[Verse 1]I wanna tell you how i feelAnd let you know it.First time I seen you girl,I swear that you was glowin.I wanna let you know,With me you’re not alone.So let it go and let it go,To where it’s going.[Hook x2]Come with it slow,Baby, come with it slowly.I wanna work your bodyJust so I can hear you say..[Chorus – Translated from Arabic – x2]Inta Hayati,(You are my life)Inta Habibi.(You are my love)Min awil nazra(from the very first sight)Wsourti nassibi.(You became my destiny)[Verse 2]It’s written all over your face,Don’t try to hide it.You want my love andIf you’re looking you can find it.Just know you gotta know,With me you’re not alone.So when you’re feeling high,You feel; you can’t deny it.[Repeat Hook x2][Repeat Chorus x2]Baby with me you’re not alone.I want it, you got it.. Love

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