Melody Gardot – Baby I’m A Fool

How was I to know that this was alwaysOnly just a little game to you?All the time I felt you gave your heartI thought that I would do the same for youTell the truth, I think I should haveSeen it coming from a mile awayWhen the words you say areBaby, I’m a fool who thinksIt’s cool to fall in loveIf I gave a thought to fascinationI would know it wasn’t right to careLogic doesn’t seem to mind thatI am fascinated by your love affairStill my heart would benefit fromA little tenderness from time to time but never mind’Cause, baby, I’m a foolWho thinks it’s cool to fall in loveBaby, I should hold on just a momentAnd be sure it’s not for vanityLook me in the eye and tell meLove is never based upon insanityEven when my heart is beatingHurry up the moment’s fleetingKiss me now, don’t ask me how’Cause, baby, I’m a foolWho thinks it’s cool to fallBaby, I’m a foolWho thinks it’s cool to fallAnd I would never tell if you became a foolAnd fell in love

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