МЛЪК! – Lovely?

So many wonderful people live in this lovely world
Such beauty and perfection make my senses hurt
And I feel it’s getting even better every week
These gorgeous friendly people make me bloody sick


Can’t stop feeling optimistic, upbeat and content
I can’t help being altruistic and caring as cement because
Only the most marvelous people breed in our perfect world
So many splendid people I am lost for words


We are the prettiest people
We are the happiest people
We are the healthiest people
We are the luckiest people

We Are Lovely!
So nice and lovely!
Yeah, it’s gotta be lovely!
To be so very lovely

Everything is lovely!
We can make it look lovely!
Even if it’s not lovely!
We’re nothing but lovely!


We’re Filthy and Lovely
So mean and Lovely,
Pathetic and Lovely
Brain-washed and Lovely
Paranoid and Lovely
Greedy and Lovely
Arrogant and Lovely
Sick and cruel and Lovely

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