МЛЪК! – Space Pig

SPACE PIG is the first ever pig
Who made it so big
The pig is unique
He’s like a God in the sty
He will never die
He can even fly
First to have been on the Moon
And hopefully soon
On Mars and Neptune
He is the pig on the wing
The hog of the ring
The boar is king!

This pig made it far
He’s a hog’n’roll star
Playing the meanest guitar
Driving fat piggy cars
Smoking Cuban cigars
Stuffed with black caviar

He’s a mighty pig sensation
Squealer of a generation
Father of a revolution
Pinnacle of evolution

He’s Superpig and Spiderpig,
Batman pig and Robin pig,
Winnie the Pig, Santa Pig,
Astro pig, Mr Pig,
He’s Holy Pig and Wonder Pig,
Action Pig and Killa Pig,
Macho Pig, V.I.Pig,
Rock-And-Roll Pig, Elvis Pig

Please, come help us Pig Boy!
He’s saving the world
And feeding the world and ruling the world
He is the cutie in town
The talk of the town
His own Piggy town
He is one hell of a swine
He’s perfectly fine
A wonderful swine
Hats off to the piggy messiah
He’ll never retire
The pig is on fire

Space pig… Save us… Space pig

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