Morbid angel – Bil ur-sag

Bil Ur-SagYou quake the earthScorcher of skiesYour Towers of FlamesYou`ve come to Cleanse the treacherous actYou`ve come to Tame the rebeliousnessBil Ur-Sag Lul-Lu Nig-Hul TurHa-Elm ZalagZa-A-Kam Me-Lam-Ma-Bi-DuKi-Bal-A Su-SaUnmatched Your Principle is unopposedThe Light You hold unmatched is unopposedYou glide across and beneath the landsYour Affects engulf the rebeliousnessUr-Sag Zi-Ga-Ni Naphar AjjabiSharushSa-Par-Mah-Zu Diri La-MagiruSin Su-LaTerrorYour Battle Roar seedsTerrorNo shield can withstandThe Seven Weapons of FlameThe Principal Force that You wieldCaptiveThe hostile ones are heldCaptiveThe insubmissive areBrought to their kneesFor they cannot counter

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