Morbid angel – Chambers of dis

You give praise to the statues of godsDispirited, they hear you notYou give offering to metal and stoneDispirited, how can they respond?The faith disheveledTemples distainedYou praise the mere shadows of godsThe word, discolored and vainAnd the Gods, they know you notThey come when the Spirit speaksBut your words disdainfulWords spawned by the cultureless beingsDisclaimed by the once attentive GodsDisarmed, the power words are emptyYour way being left to the windsBitter is the wailing of the sheepEven now the memories are disBarren, the temple`s reason was lossIn vulgarian was it swallowedThe mundane, so disbanded they areNot of purpose can they findThe Great Mother, as if a criminalDisaffiliated from One`s peopleUnwelcome like the rival of a cultureRemoved, unwelcome She standsDisarrayment of the Values` Core seeds discordFor now fulfillment cannot be formedAnd the sheepfold mournIn the forge of our will we manifest ourselves

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