Morbid angel – Heaving earth

Before that which is, all was notLess the Sweet Waters of HabsuChthhulhu Amah-Ushumgal-AnnaTriumvirate of Most HighSpirits of the Deep Waters, rememberHumbaba, Lord of the Forest, rememberFrom the Sweet Bitter all that is cameCreation of man and their godsBut man, fashioning overwhelmCould not see the Light which he holdsSpirits of Purifying Flames, rememberAnunna, Gods of the Skies, rememberAnunnaki, Judges of Ur, rememberAnunnaki, Weighers of the Truth, be praisedThe gift of fleshWas in fact life`s curseAlthough born one in the sameIn Spirit, but the flesh all too coarseDiscord, among the gods of menAlthough they were brothersDiversities grewOvershadowing their connectionOn the clearest of days they areOne in the samePettiest of purposeDegenerates things to their crudest formBeing loathsome to HabsuZi-Zi Badur-Ku-Ku, KanpaWarring, in the Belly of TiamatBrothers do battlePrincipalities of follyDisturb the MummuThe One Who Bore All WasAppalled by their waysHer Dream Time was of no peaceTheir fleshly behaviorOverbeating and proudShe despised themZi Zi Anunnaki, KanpaThe Ways of the Underworld are PerfectNot to be questioned by that of the bruteClearly beyond the understandingOf that which is ruled by the drives of the flesh

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