Morbid angel – Invocation of the continual one

Sacred night on the Eve of MayWe gather before the starsTaste the Hunger of the FireVastness of the ContinuumHeretics of a way unseenCelebrate, the Greatest of MeansBeelzebub, Lord of the FliesBy your Hand the Zamanu diesDrink, drink, the Blood of the AncientsMe-Zu Me Pa-Ku-Ku-De-Hul(Your Divine Ordering Principle is a Divine Order which manifestsItself with Most Sweetness)Star encircled with the Power-NamesWe speak in the Broken LinesLeviathan will open the GateTo the Great Abyssous PlanesFeel the icing winds of the Ab-ZuSea below all seasLeviathan, Serpent of TruthShare with us Most Perfect WayCall to the Earth, fortify our willCome Air Spirits, be our eyes this nightPrimal Flames are warmth to our soulsWaters of Life, Great Blessings You pourCalling on LeviathanOpen the gateLink us with the Wonder of the Abyss Planes so greatLord of the rolling thunderCelebrate with us this night

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