Morbid angel – Praise the strength

Remnants, From the ash arise the allegianceMartyr`s unforgotten lives, immortalHeretics, gods of the Dawning time… VindictivePraise this source of strengthSeize this time and heedEmbrace the strength and heedThe fallen behind meTyrants, stand before the task, ImpedingMortals, In the wake of Gods, Beneath KingsTyranny, Fall away in shards, DemiseLeaches, Clinging to their shite, Die BlindlyPraise this Source of StrengthSeize this time and HeedEmbrace the Strength and HeedThe Fallen behind meA way forsaking, Waste, UnhumanInfected reason, infected beingA new time Dawning, Our time BeginningThe Reign of Leaches, it now ends…Praise the Strength and Praise the BeingSing these Words and Dance to VictoryPraise the Force that None can ConquerEmbrace the Strength, the Sacred PowerPraise the Strength and the Dawn Of Reckoning

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