Morbid angel – U-mu la mah-ri

Why should we serve that which betraysLeeches, they steal of our livesWhy should we lower ourselves to the beastsSubmissive they are to be madeWe need not to be held in their chainsIllusions but they can still holdWe rise within the strengthThe One Who lays them to wastePraising the Weapon that Cleanses our landSo perfect It`s Way unopposedPunisher of the treacherous onesU-Mu La Mah-RiThis Force no bolt withstandsFor It`s now the Merciless OneUn-quenchable rage it holdsOnly sated when the last fallsTheir deed of treasonUnseen by the ones enchainedIgnorance which shielded the crimesAll seen by the All Knowing OneYou`ll perish within the HandsOf the Storm that means your endThese things you call your godsThese things, they save you notOh now you live the tormentBound in the chains that enslaved usNow you feel the sufferingThat you bestowed upon our beingLive the pain of the Gnashing Teeth that`s

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