Napalm death – Mentally murdered

Your aspirations, unable to stretchBeyond the barriers of what`s expectedAs the free thought you were born withBecomes externally pollutedLose sight of your idealsIn their brainwashing institutionsPredetermine your valuesTo befit your substandard existenceDiscouraging creativityTo aim for empty ambitionsLiving up to others` expectationsTakes hold of your assiduityMentally murderedThe will to succeedOverpowers the will to resistMentally murderedAlways up to the markSet the wheels in motionA fake sense of securityFrom your invariable positionSinking in the crowdA face minus expressionA mouth that echoes wordsRecycled from traditionYour only contentnessIs in living a lieMentally murderedDo you possess the strengthTo re-create your own life?Mentally murdered [unverified]

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