Napalm death – Thanks for nothing

Serve my head on a platePulp my heart with ill willI did trust youLet to lust you, to be dupedThanks for fucking nothingServe my head on a platePulp my heart with ill willSensed a mystique, turn to spent airKilled it deadThanks for fucking nothingScrap the depths to salvage somethingThanks for fucking nothingDrained my all, then drop the bombshellTrue, we were not joinedOur every feature splicedThough you rushed in and took a leadThree words spoutedThis contagion crossed all dividesCaused a shift in protective focusThree words floutedUntimely end, I should`ve clickedA sensory cut-outA spoiling of the harmonyOf which we were aboutI don`t despise or demonizeBut I just know your formWalk right out and move alongAnd leap before you lookThanks for fucking nothing

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