Obituary – Bullituary [remix]

Ha Ha. Only true, only true Obituary andDiablo D., Skinner T, wants some pleasure.Bastard cycle.Profession of a make of myself….well with a spell…clocked in.Evil men, evil deeds, evil time to grieve….to kills fells.With a deal, with the bloods all stale….fell.A 1000 caps of hell.On the wheel of the women Apocalypse.I`ll split this shit or I`ll take your life.Either way you shoot it you know it`s all child`s play.Hey, I`ll make you say.Leave that guy alone,bring him along and bring him to a new homein the darkest depths of hell.I call your bluff, so you`ll bounce like breasts.I got a back like a tree and arms are like a fucken chests.So who the fuck would have guessed.I call the bug. I`m a Johnny Quest.I`m obsessed with a bitch in your nest.So gamble the rent.I figure show the bitch the bastard, when you go packin`.Go packin` with a hole proof vest in which.We`re gutless and heartless. My homestead is heartless….any nigga from the… …assumption… think we`re trolls.And I think we take control…Either way I`m taken a shit.We can at least shut the door. In case it sounds like a hit.I digress, here I go again, with the tall breath.Sickle cell the proud all your lyrics for your death.So keep your self open. I come and puke.So looking like you`re smoken, rocks, while I`m broken.You`re broken and choken. Ha, you`re soaken.Stuck my hand out like a vulcan.Spock did he box. …the voicebox… you`re funny.The other day I ain`t no heartbreaker, but I won`t be by.Once more fry. …to for… box.So my body could be disintegrated and it hurts to hold my madness.Destiny, feel disgrace.I`m the one that`s fallen.I`m the one in pain.I`m the one that`s going.Forces decay in pain, by the light.

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