Puff daddy – P.e. 2000

A yo Puff check this out I`m tired of fuckin` dictating on these mutherfuckers lets take it to the next millennium on these niggas you got to keep bubblin` on em platinum doublin` on em fuck these niggas A yo I bumped into these cat an` they was like @Yeah what up wit that nigga Puff he swear he nice @ I said yo he don`t swear he nice he knows he nice. You Public Enemy number one right now fuck that dash spit that hydro-ghetto shit, (Puffy) Lets go, thats that beat right here who should I fear throw your hand in the air socialise, get down, let your soouulll lead the way cause i`m that enemy that you can`t see who you wanna be, you ain`t shit to me It ain`t hard for you to get to me playa, my own dogs, they`ll spit fo me so if you want whats mine, you gots to have the heart I`ve seen em come and i`ve seen em part If you ain`t want beef then why did you start? Front from the light catch shots after dark suffer duck or you`ll catch these on the spot, red dots make em all believe ain`t nobody kicking the rhymes like these see I do the things that they can`t achieve so don`t start bassin` an` i`ll start pacing bets on that you`ll be discracing more hotter than the sun, I`m living on the run because i`m Public Enemy number one Chorus (singing with beat scratching in the background) one, one, one one, one, one, one one, one, one let me ask you, what you got against me? is it my girl or is it the Bentley? is it my house? or maybe its all three I just came up and you`re all against me now ask yourself, why is he number one? now ask yourself, who`s done what he`s done then ask yourself, you`re fifth of the long run you think its a game cause you fucked the wrong one always with God and I don`t swing solo, never back down when I got a throw dolo

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