Puff daddy – Pain

[Puff Daddy In Child`s Voice] Uncle Puffy can you read us a bedtime story? Please huh please? [Puff Daddy] Alright check this out right here… Woke up smoked up broked up What I had left and rolled up lit it Had a shorty that I brought home hit it Sent her on her way I got no time today With all this work I got no time to play Cash come and go and I want mine to stay Alot of these fake cats won`t mind the day I get an unfair play then the stairway That`s why I`m like TWA, the airway Niggas wantin to believe what they heard through hear say Hopin I`ll forget it Check the mail it`s a letter from jail from Hobokken I opened and I read it it said0 What da deal son? It`s ya nigga Teals in the field in this beel son I`ma have to feel one On the run with a gun, can`t walk with it down and can`t conceal one What to do? I dont` know if ya knew A kid, true, up in 1-2-2 he plottin to get you Now here`s due You just do what need doin Let`s not forget these niggas be bleedin` too , one OK good Those cats don`t keep it real as they should Heard they don`t pay good Standing around all day wishin they could But this green fufills they dreams They ain`t a team Answering machine on screen Phone rings, it was Alene from Queens Head was mean Had a head for skeems Told her she could head the scene But she played her hand proper now you can`t stop her Hey yo what up Playboy? I`m out in Saint Croix Whats up cats say they real, but they toys I heard ya doin` it though And you and ya flow Some niggas wanna ruin ya show? What up yo? Whathca wanna rip shop up on his block? Or I could leave him dead in his bed with his dick robbed [Puff Daddy] Na Boo, I`ma show you how I do Just hit me when you get up top Or come one through Now I`m doin inventory Guns, clips, vest, bullets So when I pull it it`s the end of story Leavin my men in glory Then get shorty to hold a pound for me I know she down for me Yeah, sneak up on em like a car theif These niggas mad cause it`s my party And my Benz is wide-bodied Despise me, like the feds despise Godi

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