Puff daddy – Roxanne

[Puff] Yeah ye ye yeah yeah Sting Bad Boy remix come on [Pras] Yo yo yo Hey yo shake what ya mama gave you is her motto pour out the bottle blow out the candle too broke to hold too shallow to handle get all today you never promised tomorrow Yeah her moves remind me of kung fu flicks Thick lips that contradicts rules of the game she plays the politics Red light special red light district put on ya make up body all made up Platinum played up Pearl Jam cut up Roxanne Roxanne you don`t really have to put on ya red dress if you feeling kind of blue She got the hots for the disco jocks rock ya socks at the pop of the tops Never get cool like to call it Glock Twisted minded like Bob Zealot Roxanne (Roxanne Roxanne) You dont have to put on the red light (ye ye ye yeah yeah) Those days are over You dont have to sell your body to the night (c`mon)(Roxanne Roxanne) Roxanne Roxanne Roxanne You dont have to wear that dress tonight (remix) Walk the streets for money You dont care if it`s wrong or if it`s right (ye ye yeah) Verse Two0 Yo what`s the haps girl, dancing for the green paperback Sitting at the bar drinking up Cognac She steps in the room, dont know how to act Sweet in emergence, similar to Similac It was the hat

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