Puff daddy – What you gonna do

It`s a Hell Up in Harlem fuckit another day another dollar wake up to the barking from the Rottweilers Pull the collars make em sit for the Godfather Then I holler to Justin my son run the water for the shower trust fund scholarship sure to give him power Baby momma call she pick him up in about an hour Now free to go free to blow with the calicos and the navajos it`s just the way this player knows anything goes, finally caught up with my nigga Sam Sam Picked me up, in the tan Lex Land Wanted breakfast down at Pan Pan`s, what`s your favorite dish? He ordered cheese eggs and grits, I had the swordfish What is this? Three niggaz dressed in black Roleys on they wrist, feathers in they hat One tapped me on my back, then pointed at my stack Put my finger on the trigger then I asked him, @Whatchu want nigga?@ Chorus0 Puff Daddy Whatchu gonna do when it`s your turn to go Whatchu gonna do when you can`t take no mo` You gonna cry like a bitch or take it nice and slow Whatchu gonna do when it`s your turn to go (repeat 2X) Verse Two0 Puff Daddy I pray to God that I`m dreamin, I know my family wouldn`t take it, when the doctor said, @He ain`t make it@ Mom Dukes cryin, baby mom full of grief How she gonna tell her son his daddy is deceased? Now she got beef with them bitches up the street All because I used to creep, with her girlfriend Sharese She knows, I keep the hoes, from nation, to nation On every radio station, Goodfellas in rotation, uhh That`s why niggaz wanna twist my shit, flip my wig Attempt to murder me like Tommy Gills Before they draw, niggaz threw me to the floor Drill holes in my pocket, Sam launch the rocket They wanna rip my arms out the socket, fuckin heathens Love to see a nigga stop breathin I heard a voice sing out, @Ain`t you Sean Puffy Combs? Here`s your eulogy, meet you at the Crossroads@ G`night Bone Chorus Verse Three0 Puff Daddy Nothing but clouds and white suits fill my vision Watching my life go down, like Christian

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