Puff daddy – What you want

[intro]Ladies and gentlemenWe are gathered here todayTo joinI see it, yeahYeah, yeahI like this right hereYeah, yeahOne-two, one-two, in the place to beAs you can seeI am the crush groovin`There`s a whole lot of stars be groovin` in here tonightThe record breaking and the record makingYeah, yeah, turn this upFrom the states to over seasEvery city in between I hit the sceneCatch fire like keroseneGeting paid for more then a decadeWe been blazing, y`all wasn`t ready for the pd invasionCaught you off guard, got bitches, got carsHealin` war scars, puff smoke out of the jarCatch flights to and fro, nigga who you know? No one important, just another nigga flossingGotta seal, what I`m touching is realYou just a clone wit` a production dealI sailed the seven seas and kept my head above the waterSorry I left you, but now I am back for yaBut it`s like we never bounced, platinum from word of mouthHottest niggas outAlot better, the shit`s too strongI`m home now, daddy`s been gone too long1 – [lil` kim]What you niggas wantWanna talk slickWanna do shit, try shit, new shitWho you fucking wit`You and your weak cliqueBitch you creep wit` got you in some deep shitYou coppin` pleas now, it ain`t a secretTrying to be niggas you can`t even speak withYou can`t run, you can`t hideBad boy `till the day we die

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