Slayer – Americon

With our callous minds we infectOther ways of life, no regretsLike a masochist we instigateWhile the rest of the world must tolerateAmericonAmericonIt`s all about the motherfuckin` oilRegardless of the flag upon its soilIn a bloodbath we pad our fuckin` greedThe price is high to maintain libertyAmericonAmericonSo here we live in a land of deceitThat imprisons the minds of the weakNo immunity for swayin` the oddsFrom this resistant strain AmericonAmericonSome feel the need to play GodNo immunity for swayin` the oddsThis resilient plague AmericonWith our poisoned minds we infestOther ways of life we ingestIn a bloodbath we steal you dignityThe price is high to maintain libertyAmericon

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