Slayer – Born of fire

Join in my quest to leave life overturnedSpanning the world wave of doomSpewing out death with the evil I`ve churnedAwaken the dead from their tombLove turns to lust, the sensations I`ve feltExploring the pleasures of sinMaking the best of the cards I`ve been dealtAdjusting the odds so I winUnleash all my burning wrathPotential killing machineTake down all who block my pathEnjoying all obscene, born of firePrince of all darkness initiationRitually baptized in flamesNext to the throne, my abominationSpreads terror throughout my domainMaster the art that controls the impureInherit the infamous keysThousands of centuries, I will endureTyrant of all propheciesSome have called me Satan`s sonA name I cannot denyWielding fury that`s second to noneFar too vile to confine, born of fireAll things dead must rise againWhen twilight`s blanket fallsSplattered red, you`ll find my denBlood dripping from the wallDreams born of desireShaped and forged within the fireTwisted, warped, deranged I seeThe world`s corrupt, insanityDreams possess nightmarish figuresBurning can`t escape the embersLost are those who trust the liarSatan`s son, I`m born of fire

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