Slayer – Circle of beliefs

Can`t explain the other sideAnswers lost before their eyesViolence surges from insideA state of mind that never diesBorn into a chosen wayLife that doesn`t fit todayTo die a painful death it seemsIs better than your miseryContemplating, rearrangingChanging all your ways of thinkingEveryday your life seems likeIt`s pushed into a holeActing out another`s needTo rule a soul eternallyAdjusting to another setOf values take it`s tollGrowing in a lunacyThat plays on your stupidityCircle of beliefs, secrets never keepLiving in a lie, right before your eyesBorn without a brain, helpless in your nameAll you do is pray, living is your painMentality so smallYou can`t accept another sideYour point of view a memoryBecause it doesn`t mean a thingThe resurrection`s waitingFor a world without a sinThe temples all will crumbleWhile awaiting for it to beginCircle of beliefs, secrets never keepLiving in a lie, right before your eyesLosing is your way, mental disarrayI can see your strain, you don`t want to be savedCan`t you see no validity?Must control silencing of soulsSlow decay spreading through your brainDevastate, the deviant will dominateCan`t you see there`s no validity?Your way, is not the only waySlow decay is spreading through your brainDon`t you see the power of the enemy?Tyranny, total supremacyControl, the silencing of soulsSlavery within the entityDevastate, dominateCan`t explain the reason whySomeone would rather live than dieIf dying was the only wayTo end a life of mental stainsAll your life he`s been the causeA man impaled onto a crossPure religious holocaustIf religion dies it`s not my lossPerception always biasedFeeding off a fallacyYour systematic way of lifeDecided for you every nightIntentional conflicting wordsAvoid solidityBlinded by the holy lightThat constantly consumes your mindCircle of beliefs, secrets never keepLiving in a lie, right before your eyesBurning in my wake, souls are free to takeYour following a fake, every one awake

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