Slayer – Dittohead

This fucking country`s lost its gripSubconscious hold begins to slipThe scales of justice tend to tipThe legal system has no spineIt`s corroding from insideSlap your hand, you`ll do no timeReality on vacationAll across a blinded nationMentality under sedationAnyone can be set freeOn a technicalityExplain the law again to meHere in 1994Things are different than beforeViolence is what we adoreInvitation to the gameGuns and blades and media fameEveryday more of the sameMurder, mayhem, anarchyNow are all done legallyMastermind your killing spreeUnafraid of punishmentWith a passive governmentThere`s nothing for you to regretNothing to regretUnimposing policyNo enforcing ministryGaping with judicial flawsWatching a fading nation crawlClashing with the publics frameI`m the one that`s place in fameLegislature sets the stageSocial slaves caught in my rageAdministrative anarchyThere`s nothing you can do to meThe world around you drifting to aContinental tomb you seeViolence is my passionI will never be containedLiving with aggression and it`s everlasting reign

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