Slayer – Hell awaits

(lyrics king; music hanneman/king)[backwards0 "join us" x times][welcome back]Existing on damnation`s edgeThe priest had never knownTo witness such a violent showOf power overthrownAngels fighting aimlesslyStill dying by the swordOur legions killing all in sightTo get the one called lordThe gates of hell lie waiting as you seeThere`s no price to pay just follow meI can take your lost soul from the graveJesus knows your soul can not be savedCrucify the so called lordHe soon shall fall to meYour souls are damned your God has fellTo slave for me eternallyHell awaits…The reaper guard`s the darkened gatesThat satan calls his homeDemons feed the furnace whereThe dead are free to roamLonely children of the nightThere`s seven ways to goEach leading to the burning holeThe lucifer controlsPriests of hades seek the sacred star

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