Slayer – Jesus saves

You go to the church, you kiss the crossYou will be saved at any costYou have your own realityChristianityYou spend your life just kissing assA trait that`s grown as time has passedYou think the world will end todayYou praise the Lord, it`s all you sayJesus saves, listen to you prayYou think you`ll see the pearly gatesWhen death takes you awayFor all respect you cannot lustIn an invisible man you place your trustIndirect dependencyEternal attempt at amnestyHe will decide who lives and diesDepopulate Satan`s riseYou will be an accessoryIrreverence and blasphemyJesus saves, no need to prayThe gates of pearl have turned to goldIt seems you`ve lost your wayJesus saves, no words of praiseNo promised land to take you toThere is no other way

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