Slayer – Live undead

Cascaded darkness walls close in on meNailed shut by my eyes still seeSever anguish as my body evolvesThe pain of live after death it resolvesEmptiness in twilights rebirthThe faint sounds of shoveled earthMadness growing as your mind dissolvesMerely secret in my dreamsNight grows cold, twilights nearOn the edge of madness the wounds are shearedForms of hanging, fleshShredded carcass no spared breathImprisoned in a shellReady to explodeDead soul, stone coldOut into the nightVoices inside my head hold me underVoices oppress like roaring thunderAn echo bouncing inside my brainHow much can I take of the pain? The painA war raging deep inside my headA split decision that will end with me deadYou see the agony in my eyesProtruding aimless I think it`s time to, dieA cannibals desire feed the fireThat burns in your headIntense pain eats away at your brainThorazine pumping through your veinsDeath walks inside you smell death around youHells evil spell takes a soulHear the sound of the bellCounting off death tollsLaughing as you eternally rotSearching for human flesh and life`s bloodThe live undead

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