Slayer – Mind control

Unknown are the caverns of the mindNew realms of affliction lurk insideUnbound massive mental energyYour last breaths taken from you easilyIncoherence disrupts your rationaleInvoluntary your last confessionalNo sense of being missing segments of timeInconsistency is feeding on your mindMind control, pain unfoldsI own all your sensationsWeakening, reasoningMesmeric full demolitionHypnotized, victimizedBehold the threshold to the webScreaming souls, fear echoesPiercing boundaries of deathPenetration of the window to your soulDeterioration of the mind, no self-controlTemporary comprehend no memoriesHollow carcass of a man, is all I leaveExecution but a thought in the endSlowly erasing your life and what has beenPassing victims in the land of secrecyCerebral death can come to you in your dreams

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