Slayer – Silent scream

Nightmare, mass depression, silent screams out thereDammit, into darkness something that`ll never riseDarkness, in this something that the world that follows rhymeImpetrate, simplest wine, deep within my spineSilent scream, tearing it up in timeIt`ll die sucking the part where it`ll dieShout another time, evil hard knock gameMistake, mistaken, something that`s chewing you downScared of dangers of light, bury tainted guyGrain suffers rhyme, hard is something that is destroyedSilent scream, the worst of the bitterest soundEvil does the light turn into stowLight, free of dead, humanity maydayDestruction to the end showPreserved the nastiest prey, wake me up and downInfinity to prey, selection to the laterIt brought us the end of the dayNightmare, mass depression, silent screams out thereDammit, into darkness, something that`ll never riseInnocent, we`re all gonna dieSilent scream, it`s the end of light

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