Slayer – Spiritual law

Originally performed by D.R.I.It`s time to be born againDon`t talk about sex that`s a sinConfess yor evils to the manHe`ll do everything he canDon`t go mass you`ll go to hellWe`ll all be there it`ll be swellPulling your livesWith such liesWeak don`t surviveWe`re being sucked upInto the vacuum cultureThis way this way/It`s too lateYour addictedCome on control yourselfSnatch that bottle off the shelveYou`re trapped now with spiritual lawSpiritual lawFiddle with your rosariesHoly water only makes me bleedTouch that cross to my headIt may burn but I won`t be deadTo burn your rosariesTo burn it allDeath to us allIt is time to concentrate the mindless sheepDon`t be late, you`ll be slammed, you`ll be mauledYou`ll be thrown into the wallsEverybody thinks it`s coolTanning outside Daddy`s poolI think it`s way too lateTime to regenerateYour hurt infractions you know itIt`s not too late it`s not too lateYour hurt infractions you know it

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