Slayer – Verbal abuse/leeches (medley)

What do you expect I`m doing up hereWhat`s with you what`s the problemYou will always treat me obsceneWho cares if they make senseYou went and sat there and broke their bottlesYou rip the seam off the bottom of their jacketsBut you won`t even know what are thereYou`re shitVerbal abuse I get into troubleVerbal abuse Burn me, I`ll do it againVerbal abuse It`s totally your faultVerbal abuse I guess you want some moreLeechesListen to her try to suck me dryProblem with you you`re afraid to dieThey`ll come around again and againBut in the end I know I`ll winThere`s no preferenceFuck this lets just kill them dead

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