Snoop dogg – 187 (deep cover remix)

[Dr. Dre]Niggers that I used to know and sell dope wit`Listen to how a motherfucker flow shit,And let me know what`s up and they can blast on,Thinkin` about the homeys that passed on.Death Row come to show you all the game at,And show you how my label got the name thatSo many wanna see me, and time is money,But never in the P-E-N, yo.Welcome back to Viet Nam, California.Ain`t a damn thing changed, so let me warn you.Every motherfuckin minute you on the West Side,The best side, 20 niggers that just died.Walkin` down the streets of L.A.Stay strapped cause niggas bust caps every day, yoThe 1-8-7 don`t stop, on undercover cops,So on this spot gettin` popped, shot,Droppin` like this and like that,Rat-tat-tat-tat with their caps peelin` back.So creep when you in the C-P-T.You catch heat from fuckin` with` the D-R-E.I got my eyes on the shit unfolding.And there ain`t gonna be no trippin`Cause they know the type of shit that I be holding.If there`s another word said,I`ll let my forty-fo` go buck to the head, nigga.Yeah, and you don`t stop, cause it`s 1-8-7 on a motherfuckin copYeah, and you don`t stop, cause it`s 1-8-7 on a motherfuckin cop[Snoop Dogg]3 and to the 2 and 2 and to the 1,Head away, sent away, get away Snoop`s got a gun,And he`s lookin` for the cops who set him up in `86Now it`s time to put they ass in the mix.Back on the streets with my khakis and my scars,Nuts full of cavi and I`m headed for the bar.Scared as a motherfucker, cause I`m fresh out,But I got to make my green, and plus they all fiendFollow me, they keep yellin` murder, but it won`t stop,Until the last nigga that you know drop.Another nigga out, but I doubt that you really give a fuck what it`s about.Now, 99 pigs on a block with me,

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