Snoop dogg – 20 minutes

Hey yo, Goldie Loc let me hear some dogWe gotta go some for the hood that`s on the realYeah, this is a public service announcement from the LBCYeah, check this out `cuzHey yo, Goldie Loc let`s do this for the homies in the hoodThe dub, waddupNo disrespect to them other hoodsBut this is where I`m from 3 2 1 I can`t cumNo other way, no way, no howYou know the bowwow do it Long Beach styleTo the fullest young nigga rowWith my steal I cap home feeling like a ONo he didn`t, yes he did bank your chin in her cribThis ain`t no fed but now he didOn the other side where the cowboys atWhere the brown blast black and the black blast right backThat`s a fact in the city where I`m fromYou betta get ready `cuz here they kitty come cumNigga we can dumb on your bitch assI ain`t trippin` `cuz I`m from the old schoolAnd I never hesita to blastSee, we be innin`You gotta beginnin` to winHolla back nigga in 20 minutesGimme your mic and watch me brake these niggas, how they figgaBustas get shot tryin` to plotBlew the dice hit them twice hit a sevenNow Snoop watch me trip when I back your elevenMix for licks to double my chipsSome bangers so much I got cheers even go to thereNow back up and watch me stack up my dirtI steal like G`z when you woke up and it hurtWatch me try matches no need for no practiceFuck around and get straight stoned with the packageDogg get the weed bangin`, how the homies feelIf me and you left here for hangin`I feel like givin` it up `cuz I`m a young nigga livin` it upMe and Snoop ain`t give a fuck20 minutes to get your C-walk onYou know I get my ride on all on his ownCheck this out dog, you don`t know me shitYou know I represent the Eastside Long Beach with the crip niggaTwo`s, O`s, fo`s and hoesNigga only fuckin` with the real 2-0`s20 minutes, 20 minutesHolla at me, 20 minutesDeuce, fo`s, hoes and clothesNigga only fuckin` with the real 2-0`s20 minutes, 20 minutesHolla at me, 20 minutesWe ride, sliding of to the EastsideHoo-ride, to homicide rollin` in the G-rideSo what y`all bustas gon` doWhen the pimps, bangers and hustlaz smash on youOne for the money and too for the sjizzoI`m lil Goldie Loc that gives a fuck about a hizzoThree to the fizzo and five to the sizacksMy nigga Snoop Dogg gives a fuck about a bi-zitchYeah you hearded from meAuthograve that ass nigga, L A L GLittle Goldie Loc, Goldie locks the same thangSmashing for the hood `cuz I wanted to gang bangWill I change, hell nah niggaQuick to jack that ass to make my bank roll biggaTripI shot `em down, I shot `em, shot `em downAnd if the too damn big then I cut `em, cut `em downNigga where the pound hell yeah I`m from the poundNigga how that sound, Dogg pound bounceI got homies from the dub that bang everydayI got homies from the hood that do the same all dayI keep my feet real close to the streetAnd keep my hands real close to the heatI`m not discreet when it comes to the doggI`m a real O like eight-ballWe C now us by the gangbangin`, crackslangin`, entertain usSippin` silver set not to contain usAskin` which one of y`all niggas wanna scrapWe can do it G-style mathafucker strapJust like I tought nigga, you got caughtOl` bitch ass nigga droppin` all that soulYou see, first thangs first when your a grown manYou gotta get up, get out and get your own manSee, I don`t owe you and you don`t owe meIt`s 1999 I`m the OGRespect your G`z is what my homies told meSo I show real love to the dubs20 minutes, 20 minutes `cuzYeah, nigga 20 minutes `cuzAnd like I saidDeuce, fo`s, hoes and showsNigga only fuckin` with the real 2-0`sYeah, 20 minutesHolla at me nigga like I saidTwo`s, fo`s, hoes and showsNigga only fuckin` with the real 2-0`s20 minutes, 20 minutesHolla at me `cuz20 minutesRoll, roll, roll your dubsEastside I T CRoll your doggin` doggy doggNigga this D P G

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