Snoop dogg – 21 jump street

Snoop0Hear ye, hear ye, come one come allIt`s the first annual g, nigga, and all my doggsAre invited, so go and enlight itCause it`s the first time in a long time (right)Reminiscing about the fresh fest back in `85When the dubs and the san dieg`s used to hoo rideOn motherfuckers like it was the thing to doEighty-five, eighty-fo`, eight-tray, in year eighty-two (eighty-two)You know what the fuck I`m talking aboutAfter party on the lake at the big homie`s houseAnd bet nobody bring a motherfucking gunCause everybody in the house`s from two-one…Tray deee0Twenty-first street, burst street, where it all startedAnd you know east side, long beach, the hardestNiggaz coming realer than the real mccoySo step with your rap and we bring the noiseIt`s the gang of fly bitches, homiez on the switchesDice in the back if ya wanna get your richesNo snitches allowed inside the crowdCause this is the g thang, east side l.b.c. brangIn to have some fun represent two-oneAnd bet nobody bring a mothafucking gun and a…Snoop0Yeah, king park was the locationAnd the bigga g that was my destination(we were) lookin up to niggaz coming up before meAnd l.b.c. into my east side homies….. (it`s like)Nobody can see you, but you (yeah, the east side`s perfect)Nobody can see you, but you (ha ha, now that`s worth it)Nobody can see you, but you (hell yeah, the east side`s perfect)Nobody can see you, but you (ha ha, yeah, now that`s worth it)

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