Snoop dogg – A message 2 fat cuzz

Ya, uh, I was once told, you get your freedomBy letting your enemy know thatYou`ll do anything to get your freedomThen you`ll get it, it`s the only way you`ll get itWhen you get that kind of attitudeThey`ll label you as a crazy NegroOr they`ll just call you a crazy niggaThey don`t say `Negro`Or they`ll call you an ExtremistOr a subversive, or a setatus, or a red or radicalBut when you stay radical long enoughAnd get enough people to like youYou`ll get your freedomSo don`t run around here tryin` to make friendsWith somebody who`s deprivin` you of your rightsThey`re not your friends, no, they ya enemiesAnd treat them like that and fight themAnd you`ll get your freedomAnd after you get your freedomYour enemy will respect you, and we`ll respect youAnd I say that with no hate`Cause I don`t have no hate in meI have no hate at allSo I say to you, big manI`m the man you think you areIf you want to know what I`ll doFigure out what you`ll doAnd I`ll do the same, only more of it, niggaDamn, shitOh, it ain`t over muthafuckers

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