Snoop dogg – Balls of steel

[snoop dogg]Soldiers..Gangstaz, gangstaz.. whassup my nigga? Yeah I`m fin` to fall off into this party with my lil` bitch maneIt`s in her neighborhoodNah you ain`t gotta roll with me it`s all goodI trust her dogAw nigga shut up nigga, I hear you, don`t tripWell the party didn`t start til I walked inAnd I probably won`t leave until I finish this henn`But in between time or in the meantimeI slid my bitch in the back do` an she crept in with the nineWe came here together so we can have funMe and you baby goin one on oneIt`s yo` hood so I figure it`s goodBut if them niggaz start trippinI ain`t trippin shit I ain`t hollywoodWe handles ours from the all-stars to the handlebarsWith buckshots comin from the homies in the carsAww yeah; how y`all wanna play thisNaw hold on let me see how should I say thisThe bitch that I was wit tried to set me upWhatever fuckin reason would they wanna wet me upAnd get me up out the bitch wit da heatAnd a party wit a gang of off brands and a freak (where you from)I gotta dust em if I rush emAnd these niggaz don`t look like they wanna tussle (fuck em)I`ma creep to the who-ride – all by my lonelyNigga didn`t bring damn homieI wish I woulda, but I didn`tI`m fuckin wit dis hood rat (bullshit ya bullshittin)That`s what`s wrong wit niggazSteady thinkin wit ya dick, and puttin faith in a bitchDogg is chillin, makin a killinWhat more can I say? "top billin`"

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