Snoop dogg – Bathtub

Uhh, that felt goodDoes it, baby?Yeah, rub my back for meWhere do you want me to rub it, baby?Right hereOkayOhTurn aroundAight, check it out thoughWhy don`t you put me on some music?What you wanna hear, baby?Put me on some of that old gangsta shitAightDamn fuck is that every time I`m chillin`Someone ringing my motherfuckin` doorbellYou want me to get that for you?Yeah, handle that shit for meAight, I`ll be right backWhat the fuck?Hey SnoopYo, what`s up Snoop Dogg?Hey, hey, hey Snoop, what`s goin` on?What`s up G-Dogg?Oh, nuttin`, tryin` to live between this guyI met tonight to have some dirt no way manRight, rightThat nigga fucked about right about now DoggI`m about ready to get up out this damnI`m ready to get his shit up manWith motherfuckin` law after mePunk ass bitches, sucka ass niggazI can`t take this shit no more DoggWhat? Man, you wanna get out the gameCome on man, you can, smoke a pound of bud everydayGot a big screen TV, man, you wanna give all this up?You got the dopest shit out on the streetsNigga, is you crazy? That`s the American Dream niggaWell, ain`t it? Fool, you better come on inWait, wait, wait, wait hold up SnoopHey nigga, I put five dollars on the weedYou better quit fuckin` with meIt`s time to get busy in this motherfuckerLike we always do about this time

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