Snoop dogg – D.o.g.’s get lonely 2

[Snoop Talking]What`s up baby can I get with you?Its called dogs get lonely 2Bow-wow[Chorus]I dont give a damn, what your homies sayYou don`t stay on me, your always out to playYour so hard to find, seems your shaking meD.O.G.`s we get lonely[Snoop]Look here babygirl D.O.G.`s we get lonelyYou can ask all my homies, all D.P.G. got tenderoni`sNow when we on the road trying to get this paperand phone call away is what you sayBut some times you got to find time to get upto get out and get away You feel meNow all I want to do is stay real and stay trueI`m trying to have a little something, and keep you satisfied, but [when] my homeboys say its time to ride then I`m a rideSee I`m a gangsta I`m a always be a gangsta you cant change meDispite at night I might get lonely ya heard me come and serve meI`d love to take you to the mallbuy you a little somthing go to the movies tooIf thats what you want to do, thats what you trying to dothats what we going to doNow I`m a put you on a back burnercause I got to get this cheese with my crewBut baby momma full of drama aint that rightD.A.Z. dog`s get lonely too

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