Snoop dogg – Deeez nuuuts

Chiggie check, microphone check two…Chiggie check, microphone check three…Check game from the notorious compton gBack with some shit that gots to bumpAs a pull up in the park you pops the trunkJust to floss you like a motherfuker, clownin` their shitGots the dana`s on your hootie and your fly ass bitchThrow off, go off, show off, I take that hoeIf she proper, i`ma pop her the hole hopperIt`s back on the trackWith big money, big nuts, and a big fat chronic sackSo daz, step up on the assAnd give these motherfuckers a blast from the pastDiggidy daz out of the cut with some shit that I wroteWith my nigga d-r-e, so you know I must be dopeBut uh, rat-tat-tat-tat that assStartin` static with dre, make way for the akThat I bring as I slang like cavyNot from kris kross but they call me mac daddyHad he not known about the city I`m fromLong beach, tic tac, grab your gat, watch your backHere I come, stompin` in my kakhi suitBg from the hood can fuck eastwoodGod damn, I ripped up, flipped up, and skipped upOn top of things as they swing towards my ding-a-lingBut did you raise up all this nuts? Cause dr. drizzay`s about to rizzip shit upChiggie check, microphone check one…Chiggie check, microphone check two…Chiggie check, microphone check three…You tuned to the sounds of the d-r-e…Now check me out, it`s back to the old schoolWhere the niggaz get their strap on, don`t nobody cap on

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