Snoop dogg – Different languages

you make me say [x3]ohyou make me say [x3][Chorus0]I`m from the East Coast but I`m falling so hot a nigger got me crib walkingI`m from the suburbs but it`s that good you make a good girl wanna get to the hoodyou make me say [x3]so good got me speaking different languagesis you alivelike a side duall I wanna do is like be inside youride youtry to find youfill yourevive yougoing with your bad self baby cause I do adoreand I give you moreput it on you all the time you know me a morewe got for sure, pure, alivea loredon`t trip I ain`t leaving you forJake got Beyonce I got Shantewith no entree that`s my babyyou know the thing aboutwhen I bring em out feels so good I had to sing aboutget it get it nowwe flying out of town checking in the suitepedicure on my feetMiss Bow Wow queen of the townhey yo Jaz tell em how I put it down[Chorus]is it the way you lookis it the way you walkis it the way you cookis it the way you talkI think it`s all of the aboveno play time in the day time making lovekids go to schoolwe can act a foolskinny dip in the pool

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