Snoop dogg – Dogghouse

DogghouseGimme some of that g shit goldie locYeah, that`s what I`m talkin `boutYeah, check this out y`all, uh huh huhHook 2×0 snoop doggWe got snoop dogg in the house tonight, with the homeboy tray-deeeWaniac, trip loc and goldie, 4 tay from the bay, what you sayWhat you say, huh? (we do this like everyday)[rappin` 4-tay]Did ya get the dank, did ya get the dank? Yeah I got the dank, you got the gas in the tank? V.i.p. status, don`t need an apparatus`cause the niggas I fuck wit, they all about the cabbageDown in yellobrick road my destination, the dogghouseToastin remys, fillin` jimmies, we goin all outLookin for the wizard, creepin through the fogGot some bad ass bitches, headed to the player`s ballThey gon be strippin and wigglin assHope you brought your playa passTray-deee, goldie half dead, the twins blaze sacksBigger than big everyday in l.a.4 tay representin for the whole damn yae, beeyotch2nd hook0 snoop doggDogghouse, turnin it out, and if you ain`t dope you gots to getThe fuck out, that`s on the o g d p, (say what)And that`s how it is when you fuckin wit me[waniac]Don`t matter how you come, use all anglesTies become tangled when the cutthroat stranglesMy hookup, long rangersBetter float like a nationwide sky pagerThem hoes save us, talk about bein playasOn the real we can deal wit you playa hatersWe hit the spot, every city got a blockWhat you makin when you take it to a different type of level that it popsKnow the dogg keep the hip rocks, steady banginHoes steady sangin from the gang that we claiminYo, it`s waniac, the maniac, trip loc won`t you spit that rap[trip loc]Park my shit and jump out, I`m at the homies spotTo see if he floatin with me up to the dogghouseHit the weed he lightin, outside little niggas is fightinThis bomb, I`m likinHolla at my folks I know up in the complex

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