Snoop dogg – Doggy dogg world

We`d like to welcome y`all to the fabulous Carolina WestI own this motherfucker and my name is Taa-DowY`all niggaz know who I am y`all niggaz tearin` up shitBut we got somethin` old, and somethin` new for y`all tonightPut your hands together for Snoop Doggy DoggThe Dogg Pound, and the fabulous DramaticsIt`s like everywhere I look, and everywhere I goI`m hearin` motherfuckers tryin` to steal my flowBut it ain`t no thang `cause see my nigga CoolioPut me up on the game when I step through the do`Ya know, some of these niggaz is so deceptiveUsin` my styles like a contraceptiveI hope ya get burnt, it seems ya haven`t learntIt`s the nick nack patty wack, I still got the bigger sackSo put your gun away, run away, `cuz I`m backHit `em up, get `em up, spit `em up, now tell me what`s goin` onIt make me wanna holler, `cuz my dollars come in ozonesLone for the break-up, so take off your clothesAnd quit tryin` to spit at my motherfuckin` hoesSpeakin` of hoes, I`ll get to the pointYou think you got the bomb `cuz I rolled you a jointYou`se a flea and I`m the big DoggI`ll scratch you off my balls with my motherfuckin` pawsY`alls, niggaz, better recognize and see where I`m comin` fromIt`s still East Side till I die, why ask why?As the world keeps spinning to the D O Double G YIt`s a crazy mixed up worldIt`s a Doggy Dogg WorldIt`s a Doggy Dogg WorldIt`s a Doggy Dogg WorldThe Dogg`s WorldWell if you give me ten bitches then I`ll fuck all tenSee my homey Snoop Doggy sippin` juice and ginDon`t slip, I`m fo` to set trip, to get papersStyles vary, packin` flavor like Life SavorsAin`t that somethin`, talk shit and I`m dumpin`I had your whole fuckin` block bumpin`Don`t sweat, but check the technique, I`m unique like ChinaYa never find the bomb-a-rama then this nigga behind yaSo peek-a-boo, clear the way, I`m coming throughOne-two, three, you can`t see meI`m a G like that strapped with hit hard tacticsA fuckin` menace, usin` hoes like tennis racketsIt`s on again, it`s on and poppin`All I see is green, so there ain`t no stoppin`I wanna see some panties droppin`I`m comin` from L.A., she used to chill with Dre up in ComptonAll I ever did was just use that hoeShow her my dickies, get with these, and kick flowsI`m dishin` out blues, I`m upsetting like bad newsCut off khakis, French braids, and house shoesKurupt, the name`s often marked for catchin` slugsAnd I smoke weed for the fuck of itRuff and rugged shit, it`s unexplanitory how I gets wickedBut it`s mandatory that I kick itCheck it, I`m runnin` hoes in 94, now must I prove itHoes call me Sugar Ray for the way I be stickin` and movin`Prepare for a war, it`s on, I`m head huntin`Hit the button, and light shit up like Red DawnPeep, the massacre from a verbal assassinMurderin` with rhymes packin` Tec-9`s for some actionYou really don`t know, do you, you fuckin` wit a hogYou can`t do me, I`m goin` out loony like O-DogIt`s a Doggy Dogg`s WorldThe Dogg`s WorldTha Dogg Pound rocks the party uh huhTell when it don`t stop, and uh, it don`t quit for theThe Dogg Pound clique to drop the cavvy Dogg shitDiggity Daz out of the motherfuckin` cut once mo`So grab a seat and grab your gin and juice and check out the flowI flip flop and serve hoes with a fat dickTill I die I`m still screamin` thatNow I`m the mack daddy, had he, not known aboutThe city where I`m from, dum diddy dumAs you groove to the gangster shitThe D O Double G the P O U N D, the gangsta cliqueNow as the Pound break it down with the gangsta funkI can see and I can tell that`s what the fuck you wantSo I blaze up the chronic, so I can get highI promise I`ll smoke chronic till the day that I dieIt`s a Doggy Dogg WorldThe Dogg`s WorldIt`s a Doggy Dogg WorldThe Dogg`s WorldIt`s a Doggy Dogg WorldThe Dogg`s WorldIt`s a Doggy Dogg WorldThe Dogg`s WorldIt`s a Doggy Dogg WorldThe Dogg`s WorldIt`s a Doggy Dogg WorldThe Dogg`s WorldDon`t you know it`s a Doggy Dogg WorldOh yeah, talking about Snoop, talking about you Snoop

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